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The Blu-Ray disc is the latest optical disc development starting with the 700 Mbyte (originally 650 Mbyte) CD-R, then the 4.7 Gbyte DVD-R. Blu-ray media holds up to an incredible 25Gbytes of data on a just single layer! Dual-layer Blu-Ray discs can hold up to an amazing 50Gbytes of data. Developed from the beginning for high definition and 3D film and TV content, Blu-Ray is also ideal for large amounts of computer data; a single Blu-Ray disc is the equivalent of 5 DVDs or nearly 36 CD-Rs! As Blu-Ray players and gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation are increasingly taken up by households, the demand for short-run duplication as well longer-run replication of Blu-Ray HD content is ever-increasing.

We've invested heavily in Blu-Ray capable duplication equipment from the Microtech Corporation – pioneers in high-end automated duplication and on-body printing systems for Blu-Ray, CD-R and DVD-R media. Utilising the integrated Teac P-38 photo quality thermal printer, we at Media Matters Technology can produce professionally finished Blu-Ray discs at a fraction of the cost of replicated or pressed Blu-Ray media. Please contact us for a FREE quotation!Media Matters Blu-ray Duplication/copying services

Why choose us for your Blu-Ray duplication needs?
There are lots of factors as to why you should choose us for your Blu-ray duplication projects:

  • Each disc is printed with a thermal photo quality image of your choice, providing a glossy, professional finish
  • Professional grade Blu-Ray media from one of the Worlds leading manufacturers are used for all of our production
  • Top quality virgin plastic Blu-Ray cases from Amaray are used for packaging
  • Using our automated Microtech Blu-Ray production systems, we can turn your production around in a matter of days, not weeks!
  • Your finished production is double-boxed for safe transport and delivery, and can be dispatched overnight to any destination in Europe

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