What's the Difference Between Replication and Duplication?

CD, DVD and Blu-Ray replication is a term used within the industry which describes the manufacturing of discs using a Glass Master to replicate them. This is widely recognised as the best method of producing larger quantities of CDs and DVDs, in terms of both cost-efficiency and quality. Here at Media Matters, we usually replicate anything over a quantity of 1000 discs

Printing your disc artwork on to replicated CDs and DVDs as part of the production process, utilising litho offset or screen printing methods, produces the best results available - allowing us to achieve the high quality print that you would find in high street shops

Duplication refers to the process of producing smaller quantities of your discs, whereby the data is burned onto discs. Professional duplication companies will use systems with multiple writers which are usually automated, allowing for fairly large quantities of discs to produced in a relatively short period of time. Media Matters Technology's CD, DVD and Blu-Ray duplication services are ideally suited to customers requiring smaller quantities of CDs and DVDs in a shorter time frame, and we can usually turn jobs around in a matter of just a few days, or even the same day

We are providers of CD Duplication, DVD Duplication and Blu-Ray Duplication services, along with CD Replication, DVD Replication and Blu-Ray replication for Portsmouth, Chichester, Southampton and the surrounding areas of Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey. We also server the whole of the UK - with customers coming from near and far

What Discs do you Use?

We use only JVC/Taiyo Yuden CD and DVDs

Within the industry, JVC/Taiyo Yuden are considered to have the highest data integrity, whilst the printable surface of them provide a superior print quality

What is Bleed?

Bleed is simply where you size your artwork 3mm bigger than the required finished dimensions

The reason for this is once your artwork has been printed, it will need trimming to the finished dimensions - If you have a picture that goes to the edge of the finished page, it will need to be 3mm larger on all sides so that when the page is trimmed to size there is no white space at the edge of the page

In order for us to process your artwork as efficiently and professionally as we can, please supply the artwork for your paper parts with trim marks and bleed

Without them, processing your artwork may take longer, and ultimately the delivery of your finished discs may be delayed

Artwork with trim and bleed

Paper Parts... How should I supply these?

For all paper parts, please supply high resolution PDF files with trim marks and a minimum of 3mm bleed

You can find out more about supplying your paper parts on the Supplying Artwork page

What Format Should my Graphics be Supplied in?

For best results, graphics need to be a minimum of 300dpi (dots per inch) and the colour settings to CMYK

If you are supplying us with Photoshop or Illustrator files, please be aware that our standard colour working spaces for Illustrator are:

Euroscale Coated V2 for CMYK
Adobe RGB

Artwork supplied with any other settings can produce colour variations, for which Media Matters Technology we cannot be held responsible

If you have used different working spaces please re-set them to the above settings, and check that your colours are correct before sending us your finished artwork. Please also be aware that you will need to make sure that any PDF proofs from us are also viewed with the above settings in Acrobat Reader

We can accept most standard graphics formats including TIFF and JPEG

If you are creating your artwork in Quark, please convert the text to curves or outline and then produce a PDF in high resolution

How Should I Supply the Artwork that will be Printed on to my Discs?

For the on-body printing of your CD or DVD disc please supply us with a 120mm square graphic. You can send your artwork in PDF format, but please select 'high quality print' in the Adobe setup. If your artwork is set up as a 120mm square, we do not need trim marks, as we can centre the work accurately to the centre marker. We output PDFs via Adobe Illustrator, so please convert your artwork to curves or outlines prior to creating the PDF

Please do not supply any line work showing the outline of the disc, this is not neccessary, we will mask you artwork to fit the exact printable area of the DVD or CD

How to supply your disc artwork

You can view the Supplying Your Artwork page for more information

How Long will my CD or DVD discs Take to Manufacture?

Turn around for your finished product is usually 3 working days, however if you require your finished discs sooner please do get in touch with us to discuss

How do I Pay for my Finished Discs?

Payment Methods that we accept

We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as cheque and cash on collection