• Hi Glenn

    Just a quick thank you for the CD duplication you did for us earlier this month. The CD case packaging you supplied the discs in look great and really make us stand out at our exhibitions so thank you very much!

    It's great that you can deliver to us with a next day shipping service, even though we're all the way up here in Birmingham - I know I do like to place orders with you at the very last minute!

    Another order will be placed with you shortly so keep an eye on your inbox.

    From Harrison (Bournemouth)

    Harrison P, Birmingham
  • Thank you very much for my cd's !!! You provide a very easy service and i wasn't sure what i needed to do at first but your team are so friendly and helpful.....  i cant stop looking at my cd's i love them thank you thank you thank you !!!

    P.s. you couldnt of got my CDs to me any sooner here in Guildford if you tried, very happy customer :)

    Barbara Green, Guildford
  • Hi Glenn

    A quick testimonial for your disc duplication website, if you don't mind publishing for me please? I'd like your customers to know what a great CD duplication and printing company you are.

    I must admit, I don't have much knowledge on printing, artwork resolutions, CD discs or anything like that. I'm very greatful for your help so thank you to yourself who worked closely with me to get the album made in time - I did originally think it would take a lot longer to print and copy/duplicate so many CDs but WOW I had the lot delivered to me within 3 days of ordering with you.

    The album has sold extremely well so far, and I can't thank you enough. I think the image you suggested I use on the artwork made a big impact on the finished product as it just looked great (sounded great too!)

    You may be hearing from a friend of mine this week, who too is looking to get some of his own music put into an album and supplied in CD cases, his based in Havant so may pop in to your office to see you.

    Carl in Havant

    Carl B, Havant
  • I was looking for a cd company to get cd's made for myself at a cheap price which needed to have a picture printed on to the face of them, the cds were for my own company and so i needed them really quickly which Media Matters ensured. their cd manufacturing process was fast and helpful and i will recommend them in the future

    thanks from Tim

    Tim, London
  • I was looking for cheap duplication for my audio CD album as I have a small band on the side of my usual work therefore I didn't want to spend a lot of money to manufacture my CD's. I found Media Matters' Audio CD duplication services online, and I must say I am extremely happy with the work they carried out for me.

    Although I am based in Manchester, and they are West Sussex, from calling for an initial quote to recieiving my finished, printed and duplicated audio CDs in the post, it took 3 days and the process was fast and very easy.

    I haven't got the first clue about printing, manufacturing, CDs etc, but I informed Media Matters on what I required, sent them the image I wanted printed on to the face of the actual CD disc and the music tracks I wanted on my album, and that was it, they did the rest for me!

    10/10 for best audio CD manufacturing company, will defiantly be returning to you for my next album!


    Keith T, Manchester
  • The DVDs arrived and I am delighted with them.

    I am extremely grateful for the professional attention you gave to this despite it being a modest batch, and a last minute request.


    I will get back to you with further orders, I am sure...

  • Thursdays meeting went well - we sold quite a few. A good start! I had a large banner made, and this drew a lot of attention.
    So. Many many thanks to you, Maureen and Carl for rising to the occasion so brilliantly! My anxiety just fell away. It was the speed with which you responded to our needs, the quality of the work you produced so quickly, and warm-hearted and positive approach you took to me as an anxious customer.....the last minute changes met with complete "sang-froid"
    So - all power to your elbow

    Stuart Monro
  • Citizens Advice is very happy with the service received from Media Matters, whom duplicate and distribute our AdviserNet CD. Media Matters gives us a high quality CD, combined with efficiency of both production and distribution.

    Citizens Advice
  • Hi Glenn,
    Would like to thank-you and your team most sincerely for your help over these last few days, indeed the whole year.

    In the hectic and busy times we live in a lot can be taken for granted , I wish to take the time to let you know that for my part, I appreciate your support and “yes can do” attitude.

    Have a bumper Christmas time and a happy and prosperous New year, you and your team deserve it!

    John Winn
  • Hi Glenn, Thank you so much for testing the cd, this is going above and beyond the call of duty. I am seriously grateful for your help. Lynda Gore

    Lynda Gore, Kings Lynn
  • Hi
    WOW, you don't need to be that quick, I was allowing a week!


    Sylvia Harris

    Sylvia Harris
  • Hello Glenn,
    Just to thank you for the CD's. I am exceptionally pleased not only with the finished product but also with your help and assistance along the way.

    I hope I have the need to use you again in the future.

    Have a good weekend

    Sylvia Harris