What Format Should my Graphics be Supplied in?

For best results, graphics need to be a minimum of 300dpi (dots per inch) and the colour settings to CMYK

If you are supplying us with Photoshop or Illustrator files, please be aware that our standard colour working spaces for Illustrator are:

Euroscale Coated V2 for CMYK
Adobe RGB

Artwork supplied with any other settings can produce colour variations, for which Media Matters Technology we cannot be held responsible

If you have used different working spaces please re-set them to the above settings, and check that your colours are correct before sending us your finished artwork. Please also be aware that you will need to make sure that any PDF proofs from us are also viewed with the above settings in Acrobat Reader

We can accept most standard graphics formats including TIFF and JPEG

If you are creating your artwork in Quark, please convert the text to curves or outline and then produce a PDF in high resolution